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We specialise in hiring containers out (for use on your site), self storage, selling containers and adapting new and used steel shipping containers and cabins. We aim to supply the highest quality at the lowest prices. We pride ourselves on our honesty and strive to supply great products at a price our competitors cannot beat.

Containers are designed to carry up to 30 ton in cargo and to survive all the hazards a sea journey can subject them to.

The salt in seawater causes corrosion. Shipping containers are therefore made out of high tensile and rust resistant Cor-Ten steel.

Not only do they have to endure the constant exposure to salt water they have to survive the abuse suffered in transit. For example they are swung around on cranes on the docks often crashing into other containers.

Depending on their size they are made out of 2.5 to 6 ton plus of solid steel.

They are made out of high tensile ,rust resistant Cor-Ten Steel. Their corrugated sides improve their overall strength. The main structures of the container are the top rails, bottom rails and four corner posts. Their flooring is made from highly durable Marine Plywood.

Shipping Containers will greatly outlast any wooden structure for example garden sheds, and they therefore great value for money.

A large part of our business is steel fabrication. We have our own in house team who can design, construct or convert anything you may like in steel.

Made out of high tensile and rust resistant Cor-Ten steel they are made to last. They are strong, durable and adaptable and will outlast any of their wooden or plastic counterparts.

From cafe/ bars, Ice cream parlours, offices and school classrooms we have the skills to create any unique conversion.

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