Hiring a container as standard or conversion

Hiring a container (shipping container) from Capital UK Limited, you can do this a number of ways, we also have a number of different types of containers as well.
  • We can deliver our containers direct to your premises for a very low rental rate
  • New and used containers
  • 10ft, 20ft or 40ft Shipping containers
  • Office conversions
  • Canteens
  • Mess rooms
  • Toilet blocks
  • Simple pricing structure
We have kept our hire pricing policy simple. One very low flat rate no matter how long or short the hire period. We like to keep life simple for both us and our client and therefore do not like complicated pricing, structures and contracts.
Hiring a container
Hire a container for your storage needs or additional space, either with us or at your own premises.
Hiring a container
Hire a container with side double doors, ideal for access and when needs to be in a space that can not access either end.
Hiring a container
Hire a container with windows and single door, ideal space to be used as a office space.
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