Mobile repair of shipping containers

Mobile repair for shipping continers

In the unlikely event a problem should occur with your container, you don’t have to worry as we have a mobile repair team who will attend site.

The most common things that can happen are container doors being unable to open and close properly. This is without a doubt due to the container being placed on uneven ground. It is imperative that prior to delivery you ensure that the ground is level.

Although our containers may leave our depot in wind and water tight condition, very old and rusty containers can spring leaks on the journey to your premises. This is due to the vibrations experienced whilst in transit. Our advice is simply to buy a better container. Our mobile repair team can visit your site to repair the unit but if it is a very old container or a container not bought from us, this would be chargeable.

shipping container leak repairs
One of the welders repairing a shipping container inside
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